Every day The Care Group volunteers make someone's day happier. Our volunteers support residents in Care Homes in Sidney, Vancouver, Coquitlam and Abbotsford.

How do I apply?

Send your resume to the recreation coordinator of choice and they will contact you shortly.

The Oxford Senior Care – Abbotsford, BC- theoxfordrec@tcgcare.com

The Mayfair Senior Living + Care – Abbotsford, BC – mayfairrec@tcgcare.com

The Madison Care Centre – Coquitliam, BC- madisonrecreation@tcgcare.com

Lakeshore Care Centre – Coquiltiam, BC – lmrecreation@tcgcare.com

Point Grey Private Hospital – Vancouver, BC – pgrecreation@tcgcare.com

Braddan Private Hospital – Vancouver, BC – brrecreation@tcgcare.com

Sidney Care – Sidney, BC – sidneycarerec@tcgcare.com

Why volunteer with us?

Volunteers complement the care provided by professional staff. As a volunteer, you can gain personal satisfaction from helping others, obtain experience relevant to your future employment or educational plans, meet new people and learn more about the health care system.  

How much time do I need to commit?

As a general rule, we ask volunteers to commit to two to three hours per week on a regular day for a minimum of four months.  The minimum volunteer commitment may be greater than 4 months depending on the site and the volunteer position of interest to you.